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As someone who is enjoying the benefits of working with China Link, is it not time that you let others into the secret?

We know the key reason for introducing a friend or colleague to China Link is to help them purchase quality Chinese products, at a good price and with peace of mind.

Still, in China Link we appreciate that you may introduce a potential client to us and thus adopt the following Client Referral Policy:

  1) Any China Link Client can refer a potential client to China Link.

  2) If the potential client purchases from China Link, China Link will immediately:

  • pay 1,000 $ to the China Link Client or to charity of his/her choice;
  • discount 1,500 $ from any order which the China Link Client may place with China Link after the potential client has began purchasing from China Link.

  3) Referrals are only eligible if the potential client has a sufficiently strong rapport with China Link’s Client.



China Link
December 8, 2011


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