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[G] look up term in glossary.

Defects Top Face Back Face
Grade AB Grade C
Live knot [G] 2 allowed, diameter + 2 mm Not allowed Not restricted in size or number
Dead knot [G] Not allowed 2allowed, diameter + 5 mm Not restricted as long as diameter + 20 mm
Wormholes [G] Not allowed Few allowed (mending with putty) Not restricted as long as diameter + 15 mm
Brown line [G] Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed
Sapwood [G] Not allowed Length 1 mm Not allowed
Rot [G] Not allowed Initial rot Area of initial rot + 20%
Wane [G] + 0.5 mm + 1 mm Length + 30% of plank's length; Width + 20% of plank's width
Indentation Not allowed Slight Not allowed
Brightness mark Slight Allowed Not allowed
Roller marks Slight Allowed Not allowed
Crack [G] Not allowed Closed crack, 1〜30 mm (mending with putty) Not restricted in number, width + 0.5 mm; length + 50 mm
Cut and chatter mark [G] Not allowed Not distinct Not allowed
Scratches on varnish Slight Slight Not allowed
Blister [G] Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed
Wrinkling [G] Not allowed < 5% of plank's area Not allowed
Surface of varnish Fully sealed Not to affect maintenance Not allowed
Exposed undercoat [G] Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed
Pin holes 3 allowed, diameter + 0.5 mm 3 allowed, diameter + 0.5 mm Not allowed
Nib [G] 4 allowed, length + 500 mm;8 allowed, length > 500 mm 4 allowed, length + 500 mm;8 allowed, length > 500 mm Not allowed


Length +/-1.0 mm
Width +/-0.15 mm
Thickness +/-0.20 mm
Tongue's length − 4.0 mm
Tongue & groove + 0.4 mm
Note: Length and width of planks refer to the respective measurements without including the length of the tongue on the length or width of the plank.


Warp Spring If plank's length + 500 mm, + 0.02% of plank's length is allowed; If > 500 mm, + 0.03% is allowed
Cup Convex warping: + 0.2% of plank's width; concave warping: + 0.15% of plank's width
Bow + 0.3% of plank's length
Gap + 0.4 mm
Height difference between planks at joint + 0.3 mm


Moisture content: 7% + moisture content + balance moisture level of locality
Varnish adherence force: Grade A: level 0-1; Grade B: level 2; Grade C: level 3

Nature (N) is a mixture of A and B grade
Rustic (R) is a mixture of C and D grade
D grade is any grade lower than C grade


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