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        1. A note of caution
Our guarantee will not apply:

  • If our WPC flooring has not been stored on a flat, horizontal surface.
  • If our WPC flooring is installed in contravention of the relevant building codes or if our WPC flooring is used as columns, beams or other load bearing structures.
  • In case of slight colour variation at the moment of installation or the later lightening of the colour as a result of exposure to sunlight.
  • If installation has not been effected by a professional installer who has followed the instructions below.
  • If installation has not been appropriate, in particular if defective boards have been installed.

        2. Preparing for Installation

  1. Prepare sufficient material to complete the job:
    WPC boards:


    Stainless steel screws

    Stainless steel/plastic clips


    Make sure all components are supplied by China Link.
  2. Prepare the following tools: electric drill (do not use any other method, including hammering); electrical saw; gloves.

        3. The sub-floor
10 cm concrete, flat and dry. A slightly sloped concrete can also be appropriate in high rainfall areas in order to allow for easier water run-off away from the house.

        4. Installation
Keels should be:

  • Distributed in a balanced manner and making sure there are always keels supporting the boards’ short ends;
  • Aligned in rows distanced maximum 30 cm from each other;
  • Separated 5 mm at the short ends.

Drill holes on the keels with a diameter smaller than that of the screws. Fix the keels to the concrete with expanding stainless steel screws, making sure the heads do not protrude over the keel surface.

Use stainless steel clips to fit the first and last boards.

Use stainless steel or plastic clips to fit all other boards. Once installed, there should be a 4-5 mm gap between the long sides of the boards.

Use covers at the edges of the installation.

For curved areas, saw each piece into the desired length and angle and then cover the edges as appropriate.



WPC flooring is brittle. For this reason, during transportation, storage, installation and use you should be careful to avoid impacts which could damage/chip/dent your flooring.

Your WPC flooring requires very little maintenance, especially when compared to traditional, 100% solid wood outdoor flooring.

Still, we recommend that you periodically sweep your WPC flooring to prevent the build-up of pollen or debris, which could cause mold or damage the flooring.

Most dirt on your WPC flooring should be easily removable with the help of a water hose (especially if equipped with a soft spray nozzle). If required, you can use hot water, soap and a brush.

In case you wish to use a cleaning agent, we strongly recommend that you first run a trial is on a small test area in an inconspicuous place.  In case the trial is successful (the cleaner has not eroded the make or colour of your WPC flooring), you can then use the cleaning agent on the area you originally considered.

Special Issues Suggested Cleaning Method(may result in different degrees of stain removal)
Mold Conventional wood mold cleaners (normally containing bleach or detergent)
Chalk Markings Hot soapy water with bleach
Ice and Snow Calcium chloride or rock salt
Rust, Ground-In Dirt and Grime Cleaning product containing oxalic or phosphoric acid  (may need to let the product work on the stain for 10-15 min)
Oil and Grease Stains Household de-greasing agent (use right after the stain occur and rinse with hot water)
Berries and Wine Stains Hot water with bleach
Ink Stain Hot soapy water


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