A Student asked Confucius how to manage state affairs.
Confucius answered: ‘Abundant food supplies, a strong army and the trust of the people’
Student: ‘Could you do without one?’
Confucius: ‘You could do without the army’
Student: ‘Could you give up yet another one?’
Confucius: ‘You could also do without food; One cannot find a foothold on earth if he has no credit!’
Confucius II

Confucius – Chinese Philosopher

551 – 479 BC

In today’s increasingly connected world, international trade has been a major beneficiary of amazing marketing and communication tools that instantly connect buyers and sellers from around the world as if the entire planet lives in one village. However, advances in technology are yet to conquer the power of handshakes, face to face meetings and onsite presence as these bridge gaps that no device or app can bridge. Such human interactions nurture better understanding, clearer communication and deeper trust; the very values that guide China Link every day and inspire our services.

Our company culture of honesty, hard work and results underpins China Link’s policy for openness and transparency, prompt and accurate communication, timely shipments, consistent quality and unrivalled after-sales service.

Since 2001, we have sought to connect with like-minded flooring, ironmongery and panels businesses to serve as their China-partner, not just a supplier.

Welcome to China Link.

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